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My story begins where I was born, right here in Barrie. Shortly thereafter my family moved to Owen Sound where I lived until heading off to Windsor for College. As with many people, I found myself drawn to a high purpose so in 2003 I made the decision to join the Canadian Armed Forces, serving and traveling extensively with the Royal Canadian Navy for five years. I eventually landed in Victoria, BC where I would meet my future husband, Kevin.

Wanting to begin what we thought would be a more grounded life for ourselves (little did we know, we’d be on the move almost as much as we were over the previous five years), we both left the military and moved to Alberta to be close to his family where we began investing and managing properties. In 2010 we returned to Barrie to get married before heading back to Alberta where our first son was born the following year. Two years later we were headed for Abbotsford, BC where we had our second son and continued to work property management and investment.

In 2017, we decided to make one more move, to the place that has served as the backdrop for some of the most important moments in my life – back to Barrie. With four generations of my family residing and making their living here, simply put, it’s home. I can’t think of any community/area that I would rather serve than this one right here, and I look forward to working with you today and beyond.

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